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sunny awazuhara reed

Sunny has been traveling around National Parks and wilderness Alaska for her photography projects. She loves sharing the beautiful moments of nature. She also has a strong passion to photograph bears in their natural environment and to record dramatic natural landscapes in Alaska.

Nature was her playground as a child growing up in the countryside of Japan honing her skills in recognizing those special moments when nature shows exceptional beauty.

Sunny's photography career began in her early teenage years in Japan where she focused on portraiture of show dogs as her main subjects. She published these photos in dog club journals, which she organized and edited, in addition to her own 2 self-published books: The Siberian Husky Vol.1 & Vol.2. Many of the dog owners used her photos in kennel advertisements for magazines and show catalogs.

A major life-changing event for Sunny took place in the summer of 1995 when she joined a nine-week camping trip across the North American wilderness. She visited dozens of National Parks and was fascinated by their dramatic scenery and wildlife. During this adventure she discovered her passion for nature and outdoor activities and made the decision to relocate to the U.S as a student in 1999.

Sunny fell in love with the pristine Alaskan wilderness while living/working at Denali National Park Alaska during the summer of 2001. She also spent the summer of 2003 in Yellowstone National Park. These experiences led her to enjoy nature photography while earning a Bachelorfs degree in Hotel Administration at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Upon graduation, Sunny moved to San Diego, and soon she realized that her passion was not in a hotel industry but in photography. She continued her studies in photography at San Diego City College. Her photography works are found in Alaska Magazine, National Geographic website, San Diego Union Tribune , Outdoor Photographer Magazine, Tahoe Quarterly Magazine, Alaska Airline In-flight Magazine, gift products, and travel magazines in Japan.

Sunny's fine art prints are displayed and sold at Black Pearl Gallery at the Heavenly Village in South Lake Tahoe, and Chena Hot Springs Resort in Fairbanks, Alaska. Sunny also works with Alaska Stock Images and Oasis (stock photo agency in Japan which specializes in Nature and wildlife).

Sunny hopes her photographs will help protect remaining wilderness and wildlife for future generations to enjoy. Sunny now lives in Honolulu, Hawaii.


Photo Credit: Portrait (top photo) by Terry C. Blosser, additional image (at McNeil River Sanctuary) by Dirk Derksen

Publication List:

Official Guide to Anchorage Alaska
Aurora 2016 Wall Calendar
Alaska Engagement Calendar of 2016
Alaska Time: Alaska Weekly Calendar of 2016
Alaska: A Visual Tour of America's Great Land (National Geographic Book)
Sierra Club Engagement Calendar of 2015
Alaska Magazine
National Geographic Website
Alaska Airline In-flight Magazine
Alaska Engagement Calendar of 2012
National Park Magazine - Media Kit
Outdoor Photographer Magazine
Tahoe Quarterly Magazine
San Diego Union Tribune
REI Website
Weaver of Dreams: The Life and Architecture of Robert C. Reamer
E̒ԂƗ{ (Japanese Travel Magazine)
̗F (Japanese Dog Magazine)
Japan Kennel Club Dog Show Catalogs

and many more

Clients List:
Sharp Health Plan (Annual Holiday Card of 2009)

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